Do you love traveling to exotic locations while being active & healthy and meeting amazing people?

Love traveling to exotic places while being active & healthy and meeting amazing people?

Yelapa, Mexico. October 17-21, 2018.

Adventure – Exercise – Nutrition


The Primal Retreat is an incredible, tailored experience. Request more information to find out if this retreat is right for you!

Primal Retreat: Yelapa, Oct. 17-21, 2018

Get away from the day-to-day routine and get energized & healthy with us in Yelapa!

Do you ever sit at your desk, looking out the window, and wonder what it would be like to disconnect and leave your normal schedule behind for a while… to get out in nature and feel what it’s like to thrive in a totally natural environment, instead of cooped up in your stuffy office?

Do you wonder if your technology and modern lifestyle are actually getting in the way of being healthy and happy?

You know that being inside all day under fluorescent lights isn’t good for you. You’re bored… of the usual brown bag lunch and you admit that your sandwich and bag of chips aren’t the best choices.

You’re tired… after work but you manage to squeeze in a quick trip to the gym on the way home. You run through a familiar set of exercises, but your mind is elsewhere thinking about your to-do list.

You tell yourself you’re going to make a change. You’re going to mix it up and try something new. You want to eat better and you want to get in better shape.

…But most importantly, you want to feel better! You want to feel fresh and excited!

You need to reconnect with the primal lifestyle!

Sure, there are many great things about modern life… such as access to information, the speed of communication, and advancements in technology.

But we continue to ask:

  • How can we live in the present… without making tradeoffs in our health & fitness?
  • What is the lifestyle that allows us to work with our biology… instead of against it?


Experience this primal retreat to find out!

Space is limited.


Ryan has been in the health and fitness industry for over 14 years. He has always taken a holistic and natural approach with his clients and himself. Ryan specializes in athletic performance, postural health, natural movement and nutritional therapies.

Ryan developed Prime Retreats by taking all he has learned over the past 14 years and applying the most effective aspects with the premise of total immersion in a natural environment. He learned shortly into his career what the human body desires as far as movement, nutrition and lifestyle. He learned that although everyone has certain specific physical, social and dietary needs, there are a set of rules that are typically universal.

Ryan is a certified Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute, an Olympic Weightlifting Coach through USA Weightlifting, a Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, a Personal Trainer through NASM, ISSA, and ACE and practices Muay Thai and Freediving.

“Flexibility, strength, quadrupedal movement, balancing, fighting/fleeing, swimming, climbing, natural running— the list can go on. Our main objective is to teach you some foundations and something new every single retreat, but most importantly to have a whole lot of fun.”

The best place to turn a new page in your health and fitness journey is in an environment surrounded by other people who will support you.

THE Primal Health & Fitness Retreat

Go on a new adventure with paleo & fitness experts. Learn natural movements, nutrition, and mindset.

You will learn exercises, physical communication, and play. You’ll be guided through deep meditations, active joint mobilization, and physical recovery techniques. Included, as always, are three delicious paleo meals based on our dietary principles.

Enjoy community activities and also plenty of planned relaxation to disconnect and unwind with other amazing people.

Schedule & Activities

  • Snorkeling and Freediving
  • Tuito River Waterfall Hike
  • Lighthouse Hike
  • Sungazing
  • Meditation
  • Movement Practice
  • Fundamentals of Play
  • Physical communication class
  • Combatives & Self-Defense
  • Group Race

Primal Retreat: October 17-21, 2018

Yelapa, Mexico.

15 Amazing People.

5 Days. 1 Epic Adventure.

As Seen On…

A Day On Retreat


Fasted Awareness Sunrise Trek (FAST)

Pacific Ocean Group Tread

Fundamentals of Play

Hearty Breakfast


Waterfall Hike

Natural Lunch

Relax & Community Activities

Mobility on the Mountain


Sunset Conditioning

Primal Dinner

Firepit Gathering & Community Building

Wind Down & Bed

For open-minded & health-conscious people who:

  • Eat paleo
  • Hike
  • Practice yoga
  • Exercise
  • Are working on losing weight
  • Are rehabbing from injuries
  • Want to disconnect & relax
  • Want to try something new

Your Usual Grind Isn’t Cutting It…

“Training in a hamster wheel–in one plane of motion, in the A/C, under fluorescent lights–just isn’t going to cut it for your physical health. Your body wants and deserves more.” – Ryan Carroll, Paleo Magazine

Registration Rates & Deadlines

  • Through August 19th: $1,695
  • Through September 2nd: $1,795
  • Through September 16th: $1,895
  • Through October 17th: $1,995

Registration is all-inclusive – just get yourself here!

The Primal Retreat is an incredible, tailored experience. Request more information here to find out if this retreat is right for you!

Space is limited.

What attendees say…

Yelapa, Mexico

Yelapa is a magical place.

Every day is a new trail and terrain, including mountain, water, trail, climb, offered by this amazing location. You’ll get to explore the jungle, swim in the ocean, hike to hidden waterfalls… and much more.


  1. Fly into Puerto Vallarta Airport (PVR).
  2. Arrive by 2 pm on October 17th.
  3. Taxi to Los Muertos Pier. 
  4. Water Taxi to Yelapa.
  5. Meet Us!

We’ll be in touch with you as soon as you register to help coordinate travel plans and locations.

“Yelapa is remote, safe, and beautiful.”

Grab Your Spot Now!

Space is limited.


Primal Health & Fitness Retreat
Yelapa, Oct. 17-21, 2018

Registration is all-inclusive – just get yourself here!

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